Roadrunner Law Firm’s New Ad–Edgy For A Reason

When we launched our new TV ad, we were met with some raised eyebrows.  We expected that–after all, we do push the boundaries a bit!  And we understand that not everyone will understand why we’re so plain-spoken in our ad.  But the long and short of it is that here at Roadrunner Law Firm, Eva and Heather ARE pissed off, on a daily basis, by the way drivers ignore and mistreat motorcyclists, not to mention other drivers and pedestrians.  Texting drivers, distracted drivers, drunk drivers, and just plain bad drivers are a menace to our roads, and present a clear danger to all of us who use New Mexico’s roadways every day.

That’s why our ad says–in plain words–that we’re not going to take it lying down.  We fight hard for all of our clients injured by negligent, distracted, bad drivers.  Motorcyclists, motorists, and pedestrians injured by the bad acts of others on the road deserve the best representation, and that’s exactly what Roadrunner Law Firm offers.

With Roadrunner Law Firm you are assured of personal attention from your attorneys from day 1.  The attorneys work closely with you to build your case into the strongest, most compelling case it can be.  With 25 years of combined experience, we’ve handled hundreds of motor vehicle injury cases, and we don’t pull punches when it comes to fighting for you.

If you’ve been hurt in a motorcycle or car crash, call us today to discuss how we can put our skills to work for you.  And remember–at Roadrunner Law Firm, we kick ***!

ROADRUNNER LAW FIRM.  (505) 444-4321.


Blazejewski & Hansen Learn About Motorcycle Safety

Eva and I have represented many injured motorcyclists throughout our careers as personal injury attorneys here in New Mexico.  We’ve handled all kinds of biker injuries, including debilitating fractures, road rash, soft tissue injuries, and sometimes–unfortunately–worse.

But until this weekend, neither Eva nor myself had ever ridden a real motorcycle.  We’ve both messed around on scooters and dirt bikes, but neither of us really appreciated the power of a Harley.  That changed for both of us when we took the Motorcycle Safety Foundation endorsed Basic Rider Course at Thunderbird Harley-Davidson.

The incredibly beautiful riding range at Thunderbird Harley Davidson in Albuquerque

Now, in the interest of full disclosure–I will admit right off the bat that I punked out after about a half hour on my bike during the riding range component of the course.  I was just too anxious and scared to ride safely, so I took myself out of the running and instead just observed and learned as much as possible from watching the other riders and our outstanding instructors, Matt and Maureen.

Eva stuck it out until the end, though, and passed both the written and range tests!  She now has her motorcycle endorsement, and a new expensive hobby!

Eva Blazejewski New Mexico motorcycle injury lawyer

Eva with her learning bike, a beautiful Harley-Davidson Street 500

Even though I didn’t finish the riding portion, I can’t describe how important I think this course will be to our practice.  We now have deeper knowledge, respect, and appreciation for motorcyclists and we now understand the operation of cycles in a way that will truly benefit the way we advocate for our injured biker clients.  We can now converse much more intelligently with our clients about how their bikes responded to the crash, and about their individual bike’s modifications and mechanics.  We are incredibly excited to bring our new knowledge to our client’s cases in a positive way!

We cannot say enough good things about the folks at Thunderbird.  Austin, Sean, Big Tim, Matt, and Maureen, along with everyone else we’ve met, have been absolutely incredible, taking all the time with us to answer our questions and help put our fears to rest.  And huge respect also to our wonderful classmates, all of whom were nothing but supportive and kind to both me and Eva.  If you are thinking of learning to ride, or if you’ve been riding for years and just want to get your endorsement or bone up on the fundamentals, Thunderbird’s course is for you.  A+ instruction in a safe and supportive, non-judgmental environment, offered with good humor and fun.  You can’t ask for more.

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Blazejewski & Hansen strongly supports our community of riders in New Mexico.  We support biker rights.  Our law firm is a corporate member of the New Mexico Motorcycle Rights Organization and we strongly support the NMMRO’s efforts to lobby for motorcyclist rights in our New Mexico legislature.




*Thunderbird Harley-Davidson is in no way responsible for the content of this page or website.  The opinions expressed belong to the author(s).

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How to Hire the Best Lawyer




When people are hurt in a car or motorcycle crash, or because of another kind of negligence, one of the first things they often do to find an attorney is turn to television ads, or to Google or Bing.  They are usually looking to find the  “top Albuquerque personal injury lawyer,” or “Best New Mexico personal injury attorney.”  But are the first search results that pop up in the Google results *really* representative of the “top” or “best”lawyers in New Mexico?


Will you be the one handling my case from beginning to end, or will an associate attorney, paralegal or assistant be handling my case?

Will I be able to reach you on the weekends or after hours if I have an emergency?

Will you help with my property damage claim, or will I be expected to negotiate that part of my case on my own?

If there is limited insurance money available to compensate me for my injuries, will you take more as your fee than I get in my pocket?

How many cases have you personally handled successfully in the last year?

What is your current caseload?  Do you have time to personally handle my case? 

Simply put, the lawyer you see on TV or the first lawyer to pop up in the Google results may not be the best lawyer for your personal injury case.

We believe that every case is different, and each case deserves personal attention. 

In our experience, the best way to hire an attorney to represent you in your personal injury case is to combine your research–utilizing Google searches, word of mouth referrals, yelp reviews, etc.–with a free in-person consultation with each of the law firms you are considering.  Almost all personal injury law firms in New Mexico offer a free in-person consultation.  We strongly suggest you take them up on the offer!  Hiring an attorney to handle your personal injury case is much like hiring a counselor or therapist: it is a trust relationship, and if you don’t feel comfortable with the person handling your case, it doesn’t matter how high in the Google results that lawyer was–you will not be happy with how you are represented.

When you consult with law firms about your personal injury case, take note of who handles your initial consultation.  Are you meeting with the attorney who will be handling your case, or are you meeting with a paralegal or associate?  If you meet with a managing partner, ask if the partner is the one who will be handling your case, or if your case will instead be assigned to an associate attorney or paralegal, and if the answer is “yes,” make sure you ask to meet the person who will actually be handling your case from beginning to end.  You’ll also want to know if you will be expected to handle any portion of the negotiation of your case on your own (like the property damage portion of your claim), and if the attorney working on your case will be accessible after hours in case you have an urgent situation that needs attention.

You should also ask how many cases the attorney assigned to your case has on his or her plate. Make sure that the lawyer has plenty of time to handle your concerns promptly and personally.  An overwhelmed attorney might let things slip through the cracks, and you need to know before you hire a lawyer that they have room on their calendar to take your case on.


We handle our client’s cases personally, from beginning to end.  

You will always meet the attorney handling your case when you meet with us for a free consultation. 

We assist our clients with their property damage claims, free of charge.

We provide contact information so that our clients can get in touch with us personally in the event of emergencies after hours and on weekends. 

We maintain a manageable caseload so that we can provide prompt and personal service to our clients. 

We never take more as our fee than our clients receive in their pockets. 



Experienced New Mexico Car and Motorcycle Crash Attorneys
We have recovered millions for injured New Mexicans.  20+ years of combined experience.  Aggressive representation and personal attention for your New Mexico personal injury case.  Serving the entire state of New Mexico, including Albuquerque, Santa Fe, Las Cruces, Taos, Roswell, Farmington, Truth or Consequences, Gallup, Grants, Carlsbad, Santa Rosa, Ruidoso, Los Alamos, Portales, and more.  If you have been hurt in a car or motorcycle accident, a bicycle crash, or another kind of accident, we can help. Contact us today. Our attorneys are standing by to speak to you about your case.  (505) 554-1660

Our Philosophy


At Blazejewski & Hansen, we believe that we are nothing without our clients.

Our clients come to us during difficult and often dark times in their lives.  They have just been injured, or they have just lost someone they love because someone else was careless or reckless.  They are in pain; they are struggling financially; they are grieving.

Part of what we do for our clients is to recover as much money as possible to pay them for the pain and suffering they’ve had to endure due to their injuries.  But  we’ve come to understand over the course of our careers that the money is only part of our role in the civil justice system.  The money is the legal remedy, but as attorneys we have the power to become strong and effective advocates for our clients in a variety of ways–not just inside the courtroom.  We stand by our clients’ sides through their cases, and we build their cases into the strongest possible recoveries.  But we also have unique access to other resources that might help our clients recover, physically and emotionally.  We know doctors and counselors, and non-profit organizations and charities.  We can help our clients reach out to their legislators when laws need to be reviewed or changed.  And, perhaps most importantly, we can be  human beings when our clients need us most.  We can listen, we can empathize, and we can offer our shoulders to cry on.

At Blazejewski & Hansen, we believe that our clients deserve attorneys who treat them as individual human beings.  You are more than a dollar sign to us.

We strive to keep our case load small so that we can maintain positive, personal relationships with each of our clients.  The attorney-client relationship is much like the relationship between patient and counselor.  It is intensely personal, built on a foundation of trust and comfort.

We believe in being accessible to our clients.  Our clients have our office telephone number and our email addresses, as well as a cellular telephone number to reach us on off hours in case of emergencies.

Finally, we believe honesty is the cornerstone of a positive attorney-client relationship.  Not every fact is a good fact.  Not every case is a winner.  But we pledge honesty to our clients from day one.  If we cannot recover for you, we will pull no punches–because we believe that your trust in us requires our honest assessment of both the strengths and weaknesses of your case.

If you have been injured in New Mexico through someone else’s recklessness or carelessness, we welcome the opportunity to review your case and discuss your legal options with you.  There is no charge for a consultation with our legal team.  You will always meet with one of our attorneys during your initial consultation–never a legal assistant or paralegal.  And we will give you our honest assessment from day one.

Call us today.  (505) 554-1660